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From the second album, "The Wide Wide World And All We Know":

Suspended In Gaffa

She is so happy she speaks a new language
She sings her songs so sweetly to tape
She moves so slow she hardly seems to age
She knows no trap so no need to escape

Everything that she ever does just seems so unreal to me
Makes cowboys and indians, revolutionaries and governments agree

She smiles so wide, like day in the night-time
She breathes so smooth turns dawn to sunset
She’s so secure it can’t help but frighten
She wins the pot without placing a bet

Everything that she ever does just seems so unreal to me
She makes the sky not full of stars and makes the moon stop pulling the sea

She smiles so wide, like day in the night-time
She breathes so smooth turns dawn to sunset
She is the silence when everyone’s sleeping

They Say It

They say it, I’ll sing again
They say it, I’ll dance again
They say it, silence again now

When I came back from nowhere land
The leaves fell from the trees
I saw myself set on a bench
My daughter on my knees 

I looked for signs of my old life
That seemingly had gone
My fingers felt the face of an old dog
I must have known 

They told me thousand times
That I had to go on

A snowflake fell on the dark ground

After The Shock

After the shock he looks in the mirror
Recalling his face between the cracks

After the darkness a radio’s playing
He’s walking the streets tracing his steps 

Nothing more than monday night
Nothing more than you and I
It’s more or less the essence of
The words he fails to speak
Could you spare some time maybe
Would you share this thought with me
It’s more or less the essence of
The words he fails to speak

After the crash he’s covered in flowers
He’s tearing the sheets from his bed
After the service, he tries to recover
He’s clinging on crutches instead

Twilight Wunderkind

Here and now just like the rain
You stopped to say hello
It’s been a while since I have heard
A voice that’s not my own 

I showed you how my house had shrunk
My garden overgrown
Your hair was short your shirt was long
Your smile I didn’t know 

There’s no distance and no time
Here on my kitchen chair
And with the window slightly open
I see the moon, feel the wind,
Hear the trees, smell the spring

Dead and gone just like the light
Your kiss still on my cheek
I clean the cups repeat the words
That you had saved for me

Who’d have thought you’d be forever
Here and gone my Twilight Wunderkind
When you’re there it’s like you’re never gone

You are my Twilight Wunderkind

Stay Awake

I really don’t wanna worry you
But I don’t see the clock moving anymore
And it gets longer longer longer
For a moment to pass

All we gotta do before the ambulance comes is stay awake

You took the wrong turn and won the wrong prize
If I could form the words then I’d apologise

Holding on to thinking that, imagining and dreaming that
We’re gonna get through, we’re gonna get through
And I will be a happy man if only I see you again
But everyone gets double-guessed and its just what we deserve

I feel a dream coming on, mostly you’re the sleepy one
They got us packing our bags, underestimating us

Mirror’s right before me, holds me closer now
Contemplating me 

All we gotta do before the ambulance comes is stay awake 

Now a siren, louder whining
But it gets longer longer longer

I know, no guess, it’s clear that yes
Were gonna get through
But it gets longer longer longer until the breathing comes again
And its just what we deserve

Hold me closer, can’t be our final moment
But it gets longer longer longer

Sea splits

I see you walking on the beach with your face towards the sea
I call you but forget your name when a seagull starts to shriek

Hey, see me
Hey, don’t go

You walk into the water but you don’t take off your shoes
You look so very much like you when the sea splits up in two 

I wait until the sun goes down and the water colours red
I wait until the winter comes but the sea won’t bring you back

Me And The Bees

Take it downstairs, no-one here cares
Take it outside, find someplace good to hide 

Now it’s just me and the bees
In a cyclone of falling leaves

Go for a ride, road opens wide
Nobody knows, these trials and woes

Caught in the wind, coldest I’ve ever been
Too bad it’s true, I’m still in love with you


I am the hunter, son of the woods
Green woollen coat and brown leather boots
One hundred rabbits today I’ll shoot
Their little tails I’ll hang round my hood

I am the poacher, son of the fox
Sweat on my shirt and dirt in my socks
One hundred pheasants today I’ve killed
Their tasty meat has my stomache filled

I loved the light but now I like to see it fade to shade
Shadowland, Shadowland

You left me sleeping under the trees
Telling me lies to play hide and seek
How could I find you, you ran away
Now I have chosen my place to stay

Now I have chosen


Leda sighed: I’m jealous now
The white bird flew away from me
Sometimes it hurts when he is there
But now he’s gone I cannot sleep

And she cried: Will you come back
Look at my hair it’s growing thin
I never gave my heart away
I’ve never been somebody’s friend 

And he flew over the buildings
Over forests over seas
Didn’t rest ‘til he was blinded
By the blues and by the greens

And then he said: I’m glad I found her
But I’m also glad I’ve gone
Could I stay with only words
When all this colour’s where I’m from? 

Leda sighed: I know somehow
That time runs fast ahead of me
My stomache aches when I catch up
And feathers fall all over me

Every Other Sigh

It’s all over with a turn of your hand
Don’t you know that you can make me cry
Say you feel that you just don’t belong here
Another lover with every other sigh

How I wish you wouldn’t answer my calls
Do you read the little notes I write
In the end it’s only getting harder
Another lover with every other sigh


Wait ‘til it’s bright enough to see
This is as clear as I can be 

Mirrorman, I think about you still
I dream about you always 

Today you saw a mountain, you never saw before
You know that you can count on my eyes
Today you heard an old song, you never heard before
Two distant voices learning the lines 

Today you read some strange words you never thought before
Lingering on and on in your mind
Today you sensed this spinning you never felt before
A dizzyness more drowsy than mine 

Houd De Wacht

Fluister zachtjes, fluister haar naam
Streel maar zachtjes, haar witte haar
Laat de kaars branden de hele nacht
Ik moet nu gaan en jij houdt de wacht 

Druppel met water haar lippen nat
Geef haar je hand en jij houdt de wacht 

Houd de wacht 

Zing haar wijsjes van lang gelee
Als ze je hoort dan neuriet ze mee
Laat de kaars branden de hele nacht
Ik moet nu gaan en jij houdt de wacht

Zeg haar dat je bij haar blijft zolang ze wil
Zeg haar dat ze nooit alleen zal zijn

Komt vrienden in het ronde
Minnaars van ene stiel
Ik zal u gaan verkonden
Hoe ik door ’t slijperswiel
Den kost verdien voor vrouw en kind
‘schoon blootgesteld aan weer en wind 

Say Hello To Spain

She says goodbye as she passes a note
Waves like he’s boarding a plane
Say hello to Spain 

Note says: Forever I’ll wait for you here
You know I will save the last dance
Say hello to France 

I’ll keep a light in my window
Though I’m not afraid of the dark
Say hello Denmark 

And I’ll draw the gates on my wall
As waiting days slowly decrease
Say hello to Greece 

She turns away as he climbs to the clouds
Until I see you again
Say hello to Spain